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Cybex Arc Trainer 610a Refurbished

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Cybex 610a Arc Trainer, The Cybex 610a Arc Trainer combines elements of a climber, cross-trainer and cross-country skier, and like other Cybex arc trainers it is designed to give the least stress on the joints while maintaining the highest level of performance. This machine offers all of the award-winning features of the 600a Arc Trainer, but adds conveniently designed arm handles with grips that allow you to emphasize upper or lower body muscles. This is the patented Same Side Forward (SSF) configuration, which allows you to maintain correct posture at any degree of ramp incline. The high intensity user can lean forward without putting excessive pressure on the back. The reciprocal movement of the footrests allows a precise trajectory of the foot in a natural movement (arc), creating a feeling of relaxation. Four-bar link entry arms keep the footpegs at a constant angle to the ground, reducing stress on the foot and ankle. Also similar to the 600A, the Total Body 610A offers extreme durability and can take whatever you throw at it. The 610A's movable arms create a curvilinear trajectory that minimizes deflection and shoulder/elbow stress. The sturdy 610A also comes with front-mounted wheels to make the Arc Trainer more portable to favorite positions around your home and gym.


-Dimensions (L x l x H): 81" x 28.5" x 60"

- Device weight: 370 lbs

- Maximum user weight: 400 lbs

-Stride length: 24"

- Resistance: 101 (0 - 900 watts)