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Cybex Arc Trainer 750a lower body Refurbished

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Having the Arc Training Advantage means having the only true elliptical on the market today. Cross-training in sports and fitness involves working different parts of the body by combining different exercises in different ways. Generally, a particular activity or sport trains certain parts of the body, but not others. cross-training aims to eliminate this. It's a concept that's sorely lacking in today's fitness world, with machines posing as cross-trainers but only hitting certain aspects of your fitness needs. With the Arc Trainer's wide incline and resistance range, consistency in correct positioning, and superior biomechanics, you have more versatility than any other cross trainer available. This means you have the ability to reach your strength, power, endurance, cardiovascular and weight loss goals more effectively in less time. Combining the elements of a climber, hiker, and skier, the Cybex 750A Lower Body Arc Trainer produces gym-quality results in any environment, helping you get fitter. efficiently than ever. The 750A is technically a commercial machine, which means it excels in the most demanding environments. However, it is also suitable for fitness-conscious home users, with a compact footprint and a versatile, load-dependent design. The Arc Trainer is load dependent, which means the resistance is matched to the weight of the user. Two users, one weighing 250 pounds and the other 125 pounds, both get the same workout when they enter the same program levels and their own weight.



-Dimensions (L x l x H): 76.25" x 31" x 62.5"

- Device weight: 437 lbs

- Maximum user weight: 400 lbs

- Incline range: 0% - 20%

-Resistance: 101 (represented as 0 - 100% in increments of 1)

-Heart rate: contact and Polar compatible