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  • Deposits The deposit is neither refundable nor applicable on other goods
  • Purchase of products “as is” » A product sold "as is" does not come with any warranty. You buy it with its qualities and its defects. Used goods are usually sold “as is”. Carefully inspect these items to make sure they will work and will not eventually require costly repairs. The statement "as is" may invalidate any implied warranty granted by the laws of the province or territory.
  • Since our sales are made by request for quotes and quotes, the prices displayed in store and on the website are subject to change and are not guaranteed. Our quotes, on the other hand, are valid for the equivalent of one month after they are sent to customers.
  • The sale of products and services on this Site may be subject to additional terms which will be communicated to you at the time of purchase.
  • Descriptions of certain products or services, as well as representations, warranties and assertions as to their performance, and other content on the Site are the work of our suppliers and are not the subject of any independent verification by Body Gym Equipments. The accuracy of these statements is the sole responsibility of the suppliers, partners and other third parties.



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