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Gymnetic Fat Grip 2.0 Olympic Bar

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  • 7 foot length
  • Weight of 20 kg / 44 lbs
  • Matte black baked paint
  • 2 inch diameter base and tips
  • Type of bar often used in strongman competitions (Strongman)
  • Note: Standard Olympic collars are not designed for this bar. Lock Jaw type collars or those provided will work perfectly.


Product Description :

Our 2" diameter Olympic bar is robustly constructed, with baked paint and has 2 steel collars. With a weight of 45 lb (20 kg), it outperforms the majority of "Fat Grip" type bars on the market which weigh 20-25 lb. Not our GYMNETIC 2.0 bar! Measuring 7' and having a diameter of 2" our GYMNETIC 2.0 bar can be used for deadlifts, Press, Clean and all other movements.

SKU: OB-100-020