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Double lever for Olympic bar

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  • Steel structure welded and fixed in the center with a 12mm bolt with reinforcement plate - weight 14.5 kg
  • Square structure of 50mm x 50mm and circular tube of 60mm in diameter x 4mm in thickness
  • Dimensions: 880mm at bar support and 1015mm at base
  • Once raised the bar is raised 300mm from the ground
  • Lifting handle length: 850mm
  • Nylon protection inside the hooks to protect the knurling of your bar
  • Structure painted with matte powder paint


Product Description :

Don't waste all your energy adding or removing weight on your Olympic bar. Save it for what's most important - your training!

Simply slide the jack under the bar, pivot it rearward to easily lift the load off the ground and add or remove Olympic plates effortlessly. All training centers should have this equipment.