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Gymnetic Bulgarian bags

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Very Small - 5kg/11lb For athletes 100 lbs and under

Small - 8kg/17lb For 101 lb - 150 lb athlete

Medium - 12kg/26lb For 151 lb - 190 lb athlete

Large - 17kg/37lb For 191 lb - 285 lb athlete

Very Large - 22kg/48lb For high level athletes

An extremely effective tool, highly preferred in the physical preparation of top athletes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, grappling, wrestling, judo and MMA.

The Bulgarian bag is a super versatile tool that allows you to perform a multitude of movements and easily transpose the gestures you perform on a daily basis in your discipline, to your specific physical preparation.

The cuffs located at both ends of the Bulgarian bag allow you a firm grip and are designed to work on your grip and muscular endurance, an ideal exercise for judo and BJJ practitioners.

Chain swings, snatches, cleans, squats and dynamic sheathing movements without rest and the Bulgarian bag will help you build an exceptional physical condition!

SKU 5kg/11lbs: XT-BULG-005

SKU 8kg/17lbs: XT-BULG-008

SKU 12kg/26lbs: XT-BULG-012

SKU 17kg/37lbs: XT-BULG-017

SKU 22kg/48lbs: XT-BULG-022

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Thanks to Antony for the super good service, always there to answer our questions and does a very good follow-up each time
Quick turnaround time for materials. Thanks again .
We recommend this Quebec company
Katy and Martin (Sorel's LeBodyGym)

Martin katy

Very impressed with the service and knowledge of my seller Anthony!
Very good advice, excellent quality for the price. I highly recommend them.

Sony Malenfant

Very good shopping experience. I had called first for information and I was very well informed. Employees were friendly and helpful with pick up. Really good competent and courteous service. Also their price on a rowing machine was much better than other companies.


I ordered a Precor CTM 835 step a few weeks ago and just received it. The machine has been rebuilt and looks as good and works as well as the one I use at my Gym. Super satisfied.

Martin Bilodeau

Great Service! Lots of inventory. Listening to customers. They are professionals who advise you on the right equipment for your needs. I recommend them 100%

Joanne Jacques Terrain Parc des Iles

Our official supplier.

Centre Elite Factor (@elitefactor)

Excellent service, welcoming smiling and helpful staff. A big and special thank you to Michaël for his patience and his recommendations, I am very happy with my purchase. A thousand thanks to the whole team, I highly recommend this store 🙂

Azzedine Najd

Really a nice company. Despite a lack of staff, despite great difficulty for the company to get supplies during a pandemic, the people on site are listening and helping us find solutions to build our gym at home. Thank you Micaël for your support, you are really on the mark!!!

Richard Plante