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Gymnetic Bulgarian bags

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Product Description :

An extremely effective tool, very favored in the physical preparation of high-level athletes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, grappling, wrestling, judo and MMA.

The Bulgarian bag is a super versatile tool that allows you to perform a multitude of movements and easily transpose the actions you perform on a daily basis in your discipline, to your specific physical preparation.

The handles located at both ends of the Bulgarian bag allow you a firm grip and are designed to help you work on your grip and muscular endurance, an ideal exercise for judo and BJJ practitioners.



  • Extra Small: 5kg/11lb For athletes 100 lbs and under
  • Small: 8kg/17lb For athlete 101 lb - 150 lb
  • Medium: 12kg/26lb For athlete 151 lb - 190 lb
  • Large: 17kg/37lb For athlete 191 lb - 285 lb
  • Very Large: 22kg/48lb For high-level athletes