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Marpo V250 rope trainer

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Product Description :

Marpo is known for the intensity and personalization of the workouts provided by their machines. Thanks to the original exercises that are easy to incorporate into a program, rope pulling machines have been adopted by many rehabilitation centers, gymnasiums and professional sports teams around the world. The V250 Rope Trainer is a weighted model that supports the practice of simulated rope climbing.



  • Dynamic Magnetic Braking (DMB) system
  • Range 1-200 pounds dynamic resistance (0.5 A 200 lbs)
  • Two-way braking mechanism
  • Quick Release / Seat Removal for Standing Workout Modes
  • LED display – provides seat location while climbing
  • Specially designed, easy to grip, durable and long lasting
  • electronic display of distance, time, speed and calories
  • Unit Power: 3 AA batteries
  • Dimensions de l’appareil: 100 « HX 52 » LX 40 « W (X 254cm 132cm 101cm X)
  • Weight: 225 lbs