Pourquoi acheter des appareils reconditionnés?

Why buy refurbished devices?

What are the advantages of buying refurbished devices? From cost reduction to the positive impact on the environment, to the diversity of choices available, there are several good reasons to purchase reconditioned equipment. Whether you're new to the world of training or a fitness enthusiast, discover how the refurbished equipment we sell, both commercially and residentially, can transform your approach to training without compromising the quality of your equipment , nor your wallet.
  1. Reduced cost : If you are on a budget, refurbished devices are a good option, since they allow you to access high-end and quality devices at an affordable price.
  2. Quality verified : Us Refurbished devices undergo quality checks and we replace faulty or worn parts, ensuring a high level of functionality and performance.
  3. Ecological choice: By opting for reconditioned devices, you help reduce the demand for new production and allow the reuse of resources. Purchasing refurbished devices gives devices a second life and a chance for our planet.
  4. Exclusive: Refurbished fitness equipment comes in a variety of models and brands. You have the opportunity to obtain devices that are no longer sold on the market, which gives you exclusivity on a refurbished used device.
  5. Guarantees: Despite the fact that the equipment is used, we offer a warranty on reconditioned equipment, giving you some peace of mind regarding its operation. In the event of a problem, you will have a one-year warranty on parts.

In short, theThe option of fitting out part or all of your space with reconditioned equipment allows you to benefit from savings ranging from 30 to 70% compared to the value of new devices, without neglecting the quality of these. Thus, qWhether you're looking to set up a home workout space, equip your business for your employees or add new workout options to your fitness center, refurbished equipment opens up a world of possibilities without draining your financial resources .  

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